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    My name is Beth Mancuso, owner of Manic Mother Photography. I am located in central Minnesota (Zimmerman) , with travels statewide. I photograph children, families, seniors, and weddings.


Abandoned Fergus Falls Asylum

Three of my photographer friends and I were able to go on a tour of the abandoned Fergus Falls psychiatric hospital. It was quite the experience!

I won’t get too into the history of the place, but it opened its doors in 1890 and closed in 2007. Although you will see that parts of the hospital were not in use for quite some time before that.

The hospital and campus are huge, and I think there were maybe two small buildings still in use. It was built to be self-sufficient, there was a farm, garden, even a cemetery.

This was honestly one of the neatest things I have ever seen, and I know it left as all in a complete sense of awe. It was both sad and fascinating at the same time.

The tour guides said they are close to signing a deal with a developer, with the hopes to make it into apartments, hotel, restaurant, boutique shopping, etc.

My friends and I created a blog circle of our images, go check out Julie’s take on the asylum.



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A Boy and His Cats – Personal Project

Two years ago we got our first family pet, a Ragdoll cat named Lucy. A year after Lucy we got Irie, another Ragdoll and Lucy’s half sister. My boys absolutely fell in love with these cats! At some point I realized I was taking quite a few pictures of my boys and their cats. For the most part though it was just one boy in the picture at a time, hence the project name. It’s hard enough to get one boy and one cat together, let alone three.  I started hash tagging the images on Instagram #aboyandhiscats, you can find me at- manicmotherphotography.

For the past two plus years I have been working on this project. The project is a mix of real-life moments and images that I composed. This is an on-going project that I plan to continue until either the boys leave home or the cats do. Due to the fleeting nature of cats, many of the images were taken with my iPhone.

Each boy shares a different relationship with the cats. My oldest son is by far the most obsessed with the cats. He tries to smuggle one in to his bedroom every night. His love for cats goes beyond just our two cats. He has read every Warriors cat book (book series about cats), and he DVR’d every cat episode of Too Cute! on Animal Planet. For his 4th grade history project he chose Bill Clinton because he had a cat named Socks.

We have watched Grumpy Cat’s Lifetime movie 100+ times and the boys each have a stuffed Grumpy. My youngest likes to carry his Grumpy around with him everywhere. They like to draw cats, color cat pictures, and create cat toys. Recently my middle son combined two of his favorite things and drew baseball cats.

We couldn’t have asked for better cats. They are both so gentle with the boys and really do put up with a lot. Lucy is our dog/cat, she begs for food, likes belly rubs, and wants to be near you at all times. Irie is the playful fun one and is often a playmate for my youngest son when his brothers are off at school.

Cats aren’t always the easiest animals to love. Anyone can love a dog but loving cats takes patience and compassion, and it is my hope that my boys are learning both these things from our beloved cats.

* This project has been published in Huffington Post , Bored Panda, and Peta Pixel.

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